November 30, 2010

For Grace to Labor

Hi everyone, and thanks to Kerr for the invitation. I found this sentiment to be especially helpful for those moments of frustration when we need a little extra push to keep going. Hope you like!

November 15, 2010

Carrie's Other Family Tree

Here's another one for Carrie's Mother-in-Law who is a gardener. All in the tree are grandchildren. Those under the tree are great-grands.

Carrie's Family Tree

Here's a Family Tree design I just finished for Carrie. She wanted this for her Mother who is a pianist and musician. All in the tree are her children. I had such fun doing this one!!

November 11, 2010

Family Xmas Trees

Thought I'd let you see what I am offering the public. You can do this too!

November 01, 2010


Julia just learned these letterforms today, and here is what she did. She is a true artist who brings all of her talent and passion into the world of calligraphy. She is a member of TCG now and we are very fortunate indeed to have her! I am looking forward to all of the many things we will be able to learn from her.