July 28, 2013

Deb's Thingy Holder

Hey, everyone. Here is a pic of what some of us gals did at Deb's house last week. Such fun! 

Deb had laid out a book at each of our chairs. They were old Golden Book Encyclopedias, all filled with lovely, colorful drawings. My book must have been all about foreign countries.

I hope you can tell that mine leans a little bit, and the tops of the rolled pages are not even. But that is how I wanted it. Well, maybe not the leaning part!

Instead of putting things inside this little treasure, I decided to put some of my prized artist's brushes inside the tubes that were made by rolling up the pages of the encyclopedia and then glued to the outside of a tin can.

I will undoubtedly put something inside the can as well, just have not figured out yet what that will be.

Thanks, Deb, for making this Playdate a reality, for making it fun, and for letting us express ourselves freely.

Remember girls: There is no comparing ourselves to others.