November 24, 2012

Some Inspiration

Hey, everybody. This was fun to do, and it was easy. I am sure all of you have some stamps lying around and some pitt brush pens and some watercolors. That's all you need. Well, you also need to make a tree template first. I used a sheet of clear plastic. Once I drew out the template on a piece of scrap/computer paper, I laid the clear plastic over it and cut out the template using an exacto knife. Make sure you have a pad under all this! Next came the stamping. I put the template on top of a piece of watercolor paper and stamped on the top of that so that only the marks would be inside the tree (except for the one that actually goes outside the tree). Once the marks were dry, I came in with my watercolors for the tree and trunk. Pitt brushes were used for coloring in the stamped areas. Be sure to scan in your design once you are done. Or take a good picture. It is now ready to be your colored-in template to add whatever lettering you want on it, over and over. You won't have to do the whole tree over again. Just print it out on heavy stock or whatever you want to letter on. I took this scan into my software and added text that way. It will be our Christmas card.

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